1. BulletPeak states of consciousness & prolific creativity

  2. BulletEnhanced mental clarity and objective cognition

  3. BulletEmotional intelligence &  interpersonal harmony

  4. BulletVisceral Core intelligence and intuitive perception

  5. BulletInner peace, compassion, and boundary setting

  6. BulletStress reduction, longevity, wellness, & healing

  7. BulletPeak sport performance & competitive integrity

  8. BulletCore based leadership & optimum team synergy

  1. Institute Office at : 808-880-1395 or info@amtionline.org


The Applied Meditation Therapy Institute™ (AMTI) is dedicated to teaching, training, coaching, educating, and counseling executives, entrepreneurs, individuals, couples, families and private organizations in achieving and sustaining:

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